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Tv- and media director, educated from the Danish
school of Media and Journalism in 2014.



Documentary cinematographer

Visuel storyteller 
Campaigns and live events

Manuskript writer 

Still photographer

Editer in Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro og Avid


I've worked with film, documentaries and television since 2008. After I graduated as a TV- and Media Director in 2014 I've mainly filmed and directed documentary series for the Danish broadcasting channels DR and TV2. Beside that I've worked with studio productions, true crime and comedy series. As a freelancer I have mainly worked as a director and cinematographer and I am trained to be responsible for the production from idea to final film. I do casting, write rundowns, film, do post editing and write post manuscripts. I've been working as the head of production and VJ on the same production a couple of times. Among other things on a series for DRK, "Lystens hule", which I sold as a series in 4 episodes in collaboration with Pipeline Production.

I do branded video content for online platforms and magazines as well. I love to execute creative, visual ideas that fits the product and brand. For me, the visual expression is just as important as words. In addition to moving pictures, I take still pictures. I have exhibited several times in Copenhagen, i.a. Monday Studio at Vesterbro. ​

I'm passionated about telling stories and I am by nature a very curious person who loves to push my boundaries, disproven my prejudices and develop new skills. 

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